Out of all the construction jobs on the market the act of demolition is probably the most fun.  When it comes to demo it allows you to go in with a hammer, backhoe and other cool destructive tools and just tear everything down.  The main drawback to this is that it all needs to be picked up and hauled away.  This is where demolition services chicago il come in.

The price

When getting a quote on price you will want to know everything you are being charged for.  Most companies will charge by weight while others will charge by the cubic foot or meter.  When getting estimates on the job the homeowner needs to consider what extra profits they will get from scrapping the metal.  Materials like copper, aluminum and steel can be recycled.  Consider this in your pricing.

Time Frames

When tearing down a building it can take a day to do it right.  If the project is longer it may take weeks.  This is why getting a firm time frame or deadline on your project is critical.  When dealing with time frames work in penalties if they go over that time and what happens if any if they go under.

demolition services chicago il


 Determining who does what and when is very important to quoting the job.  In many cases the company will be responsible for coming in, doing the demo, cleanup and haul away.  In other cases parts of this may not be offered.  Make sure you know who is responsible for what.

Get multiple quotes

Getting quotes and estimates are important.  Don’t always go with the cheapest price either.  With jobs like demo people will get dirty and tired.  Paying them a fair amount will keep them motivated.  Even though demo is fun it is not something one wants to live through for an extended period of time.  Get in, Get out and rebuild.