Hiring a general contractor is a requirement in order to have repairs done on your existing house or if you are looking to have a new home built.  The general contractor baltimore will have all of the licenses and insurances needed to perform these construction tasks.  When looking for a contractor there may be a lot of questions you may have as well as questions you should ask.  When dealing with a contractor for the first time draw from tis list and include your own. 

How long have you been in business?

Finding a skilled contractor is important.  Hiring someone that has ten to thirty years of experience in this field should give you a level of self-confidence that your job will get done and done correctly.  Hiring someone new is also okay however, deciding on which projects to trust someone that is green may be a challenge.

Do you have a contractor’s license and is it up to date?

A contractor will need to have a contractor’s license for the state and the county they are working in.  This license needs to be renewed on a yearly basis.  Before hiring a contractor make sure to have a copy of his license on file.

Will you get permits and setup inspections?

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Permits and inspections are very important in any job.  If you don’t have permits then the city can come by and tell you to tear down whatever it is you have built.  This can be costly and you may not have the funds to rebuild.  Inspections are needed at every stage of the project as well.  With these inspections code enforcement will know that what you are building will be safe.

What is your timeline?

Timelines re vital in all projects.  When working on a project make sure that the timeline is set in stone.  You don’t want to be super strict on a guideline however, things such as rain and severe weather may hinder construction.  However, having a confirmed deadline for the completed project allows you to manage money and resources better.