Creating the perfect temperature in our homes will not only keep us comfortable but it will also help keep the bills at a manageable level.  The main draw on our power is our air conditioning units.  They run hard in the summer trying to keep us cool and will come on and off randomly in the winter to equalize the temperature.

Throughout these cycles your unit may become worn or broken.  This is why air conditioning repair san antonio tx may be needed.  However, checking the unit yourself and making sure a call is wise may solve a simple problem.

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Check filters

Air filters can become clogged if not cleaned regularly.  Air from the outside is drawn into the filters and cleaned before released into your home.  Over time these filters will become dirty and need to be cleaned.  To clean them you can either dispose of them, which is common with the cheap cardboard versions or you can wash them off with a hose water. 

Replace batteries

The thermostat will require batteries to run.  If the unit isn’t turning on or if it just doesn’t seem to be working right taking a few minutes and replacing the battery should solve the problem.  If not, further investigation may be in order.

Setting a stable temperature

Setting a stable temperature in your home will help to keep the electric bill down.  Since each person is different as well as the space you are going to be using it in will vary in size there is no ideal temperature that you should set it to. However, after some testing and tweaking and monitoring your power expenses the perfect temperature should be made clear.

Following these simple trips can help you maintain a comfortable home and a low power bill.  Maintaining your system will also keep you cool.